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Gilmer's Learning Solutions is dedicated to providing high quality services throughout Arkansas. Take a look below to find out what we specialize in, and get in touch with any additional questions, to learn more or to book.

The Process

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  2. Welcome, LSE Pairing, & Scheduling

  3. Introductory Session & Diagnostic Assessment

  4. Weekly Curated Sessions 

If you need anything else between any of these steps, we're just one call away! 




We have a Learning Solutions Expert for you at any level.

Gilmer's Learning Solutions stands ready to help you/your child reach your/his or her maximum potential.  We are committed to getting the job done, especially when it comes to this service. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way. Ask about our new pricing table with income-friendly options.

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K-3, 4th Grade

Monday - Thursday

We can help your child make growth in reading proficiency. These services are facilitated solely by Ar'Jillian Gilmer who holds a BSE and MED and is trained in the Science of Reading. This service is specifically for students who are eligible for the Literacy Tutoring Grant made available by DESE through the LEARNS Act.

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Christian. Student-focused. Innovative. Inspiring. Creative. Collaborative.

Affordable core academic homeschool support for families who desire freedom for their Kindergarten through 8th grade children to express and learn Christian values based on scripture from the Holy Bible. We are open to families who homeschool their children but would like professional support. We provide professional educator support to parents and families who need the right kind of assistance in building solid academic foundations and sustaining academic prowess for their children.

Creative Working


Always Prepared

We offer a variety of professional services such as Writing for the Workplace, Professional Development, Family Engagement, study sessions for professional exams, etc. Start your growth journey with us today!

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Blast into Success!

You don't want to spend an and a leg on summer activities for your child? Got it! You don't want to consume your child's entire summer break with school stuff - school starts in August! Got it! You do want your child to get some social interaction (especially after this past school year)? We're listening. You don't want your child to lose skills gained during the school year, and you want them to start the next school year strong? Alright! Here's your solution: a 1 week half day reading program that only costs $200! The program is run by a licensed and trained educator with the assistance of an educator in training. Summer Reading Boost! will take place right before the start of the 24-25 school year, so skills gained will be fresh in August. To us it sounds like an easy choice!

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JULY 8-12, 9AM-12PM

Summer Reading Boost! Kinder Class

We prepare students for their upcoming grades by teaching and practicing essential skills that are crucial to success such as, reading comprehension, main idea, inferences, author's purpose, etc. We also bring in a professional to facilitate a Social Emotional Learning lesson and/or craft. The program is BYOB (Bring Your Own Breakfast). We provide a mid-morning snack and take-home lunch. ​

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